About Us

87 Senze Taiwan Porridge – Come to 87 Maude Road to sense (taste) the Taiwan Porridge cuisine!

The restaurant has its roots in the former Poolside Cafe & restaurant located in the old Alumni Building of Hwa Chong Institution. Opened in 2004, The ‘Poolside’ (as it was affectionately called) served delectable Chinese cuisine popular with members of public, students and staff alike, and over the course of a decade it had established itself as a reputable eatery in the Bukit Timah area. The Poolside Cafe & restaurant had to cease operations when the Alumni Building Underwent renovation and repurposing as a new complex shared by both the Hwa Chong Alumni Association and Hwa Chong International School.

Taiwanese cuisine stems from the traditional ‘Minnan’ (闽南) cuisine which originates from southern Fujian province, and is thus extremely similar to the latter. As a descendent of early immigrants from Fujian province, the owner (Mr See) grew up surrounded by the aroma of sweet potato porridge and ‘chai poh’(preserved radish) egg, the hallmark dishes of Taiwanese cuisine. When he came to know that one of his chefs from Poolside had worked in the popular Taiwan porridge restaurant ‘Mei Yuan’ in the1980s, he began to request the chef to prepare those dishes when he entertained his friends and family members. When an opportunity arose in June 2016 to open a new restaurant at 87 Maude Road, Mr See jumped on it right away, immediately starting the process of conceptualisation and planning. So in 2017, 4 years after the closure of Poolside, The owner, manager and chef of the former restaurant came together once more to set up Senze Taiwan Porridge Restaurant.

Come visit now to enjoy familiar tastes of the old Poolside, as well as the best flavours of Taiwanese cuisine!

87 Senze 台湾粥餐馆(慕德轩)简称87台湾粥的前身是池畔餐馆(Poolside Cafe & Restaurant)。它座落于旧华中校友会大楼,开业于2004年,昵称池畔或Poolside,九年多来深受公众人士、学生及教职员的欢迎,已拥有一批顾客群,在武吉知马一带也小有名气。2013年,池畔餐馆突然宣布终止营业,原因是旧校友会大楼进行装修及扩建,餐馆改建为国际学校课室。


2016年,薛先生在机缘巧合之下,经过深思熟虑,决定在87 Maude road开设台湾粥餐馆。2017年,池畔餐馆的经理、厨师等与薛先生再次携手合作,为新旧顾客提供味蕾的享受。