Special Menu

Grilled Black Pomfret w Bean Sauce

Recommend Menu

Braised Pork w/Preserved Vege


Pulut Hitam /Ice Cream

About Us

87 Senze Taiwan Porridge – Come to 87 Maude Road to sense (taste) the Taiwan Porridge cuisine!
The restaurant has its roots in the former Poolside Cafe & restaurant located in the old Alumni Building of Hwa Chong Institution. Opened in 2004, The ‘Poolside’ (as it was affectionately called) served delectable Chinese cuisine popular with members of public, students and staff alike, and over the course of a decade it had established itself as a reputable eatery in the Bukit Timah area. The Poolside Cafe & restaurant had to cease operations when the Alumni Building Underwent renovation and repurposing as a new complex shared by both the Hwa Chong Alumni Association and Hwa Chong International School.
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Homemade Taiwan Milk Tea

自制冰冻台湾奶茶,消暑解渴。 Homemade Taiwanese ice milk tea-Cool and refreshing.

Deep fried frog leg with ginger

酥脆美味的姜丝炸田鸡,宜下酒配粥。 Fragrant fried Frog Leg with shredded Ginger, perfect match for Porridge and Wine.

Pulut hitam / ice cream

特制黑糯米雪糕,黑糯米益气健脾,与雪糕搭配,营养又好吃。 Pulut Hitam Ice cream- Healthy and delicious!